GRP fiberglass roofing system

GRP roofing (Glass Reinforced Polyester) is a flat roofing system. Laid once and lasting a lifetime, GRP roofs are incredibly quick to fit and feature no joins meaning they are 100% waterproof from day one.

A GRP roof is a single-ply GRP laminate applied in situ over a good quality conditioned plywood or OSB deck. The roof is finished with pre-formed GRP edge trims and a coat of pre-pigmented topcoat.

The durability and lightweight properties of GRP make it the ideal construction material for applications as diverse as lorry aerofoils and roofs, boats, ponds and automotive body panels. GRP is also used in hostile industrial settings for applications such as tanks and underground pipes; this is due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and its resistance to chemicals.

Unlike other roofing materials, GRP is not really a roofing material and has properties that render it better suited to small craft construction. It is often used on small domestic installations, but usually fails prematurely when used on larger scale projects. As well as being an inexpensive material, it is robust, inflexible and will never corrode.

The exact length of time for fitting depends on the specifications you require, however a GRP roof can be fitted within one day and comes with a lifetime guarantee. With a range of colours, there’s a match for all houses, ensuring the GRP roof not only keeps the water out, but also blends seamlessly with your home. No matter the type of flat roof your home has, GRP roofing can be used on virtually all of them – up to and including vertical surfaces. Especially helpful in the case of formerly leaky flat roofs, GRP roofing is quick to fit, lasts forever and looks great with your home.


  • BBA Approved 18mm boards
  • Lifetime Guarantees
  • Choice of Colours
  • All rain water goods fully replaced