conservatory roof system on a houseDo you have a conservatory but regret not building a sunroom with a fully insulated and tiled roof? Do you find your old conservatory is very cold in winter and incredibly warm in summer?

Until now there really hasn’t been much you could do about it. Some companies believe that you can simply add layers of insulation to the inside of your existing polycarbonate roof, add some sheets of plasterboard, paint it and you’ve solved the problem. While this approach will certainly help keep the heat in and the sun out, believe it’s simply storing up major problems for the future. Roofs need ventilation or they quickly become damp as condensation builds and starts to rot the structure.

After a couple of years damp patches will start to show, water will start leaking into your conservatory and you’ve got a big problem.

Do it properly
The only way you can avoid this is to fit a properly designed, fully ventilated lightweight roof system. Utilising years of experience and design skill, Speedroof have developed our own roof system that combines superior quality components such as the Metrotile lightweight roof tile, with a rugged, lightweight frame for a roof that’s really well insulated and properly ventilated.

This superb system is actually lighter than a glass conservatory roof yet looks like a traditional tiled roof and can be fitted to just about any conservatory. Extremely thermally efficient with a U-Value of 0.15 you will be able to use your conservatory all year round, in both the hottest and the coldest of weather.

Our system is very affordable too and easy to fit, taking only two or three days from start to finish. With new guttering installed your old conservatory will look like a brand new extension for a fraction of the price.

We have tiles to match most roof tile colours and the tiles are guaranteed for 25 years for total peace of mind. We can also incorporate any size of roof window to allow additional light and ventilation if you require it.