History of Roofing

roof top image across the St helens townRoofing has been present since the start of time, and is available in various forms and styles. It doesn’t matter if it is a cave roofing giving shelter, a sheet or something akin to a home or house, roofing is always here to stay. Roofs have their earliest origins traced back in 40,000 BC in Siberia. That is a very long time ago. Romans in 100 BC presented a diversity of slate roofs and roofs which are tile based, normally over amphitheaters as well as open air houses. Read on to know how the roofing evolved.

From there, 735 AD, there is a huge jump in home covering in the type of thatch roof. This kind of roof was made with the whole thing from leaves to trees to other wood or forest debris and fragments. These types of roofing materials could not endure and hold out rain or won in early types, on the other hand, in due course this kind of roofing materials were made which worked and function better. As a matter of fact, in most regions of Northern Europe, still they are utilized for daily roofing in rustic and countryside areas.

Three hundred years later wood shingle was made and started to be utilized on houses. This turn out to be the most preferred option for home covering beginning in UK and being modified all throughout Asia and Europe. Sooner or later, roofing made of wood materials came to the US and turned out to be the best and most preferred choice of roofing.

In due course, roofing components evolved as well as developed as the years go by. Wood shingles as well as roofing techniques became the norm. With that, latest methods to roof were made, as well. This provided more security, protection as well as stability for your home’s covering. Despite the fact that wood roof materials remained the norm into the eighteenth century, in due course roofing companies realized how risky and hazardous wood shingles can be. Wood shingles are susceptible to fire and other elements. Also they don’t last long due to termites and other pests that eat woods.

Lightning strikes, unintentional fires and many more can easily light not only one house on fire, but stretch fast to others. And over the years, a new type of roofing material was made in the form of asphalt. This kind of roofing material became common not only in building but ultimately roofs. This kind of roofing materials were made evolved as well as mass produced in the nineteenth century that became the norm of roofing. As a matter of fact, lots of insurance agencies threaten to jump down rules and regulations if you are not utilizing asphalt shingles.

At this point in time, as the years go by, there are lots of newly developed roofing materials to choose from. Some of the most and perhaps the best type of roofing materials take account of tile, clay, metal and many others. All these provide complete safety and security to your home.

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